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Welcome to Round Hill Ranch!

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We are committed to producing beautiful, well bred, bright, socialized Rocky Mountain foals. We want to introduce this wonderful breed to as many horse lovers as possible. Each year we strive to produce a few quality foals with natural abilities and striking features. Our horses all receive individual attention, are handled daily and easy to work with. They receive regular health care including E/W/T, Rhino, Flu, Rabies, and West Nile vaccinations, regular worming, teeth and hoof care. Individual records are kept on site. We believe that a partnership with your Rocky can start at a very early age and encourage people to start working with their new foal right away. All of our Rockies are micro-chipped. Please browse our site and email us with any questions at the contact listed below, or visit the Information page.


The Rocky Mountain Horse

My personal riding horses, Traveler and Cruiser, are both Rocky Mountain geldings. I meant to sell both of them when they were started under saddle, but I am keeping them for myself. They both have their own personality and way of moving and can be ridden comfortably all day long. These horses can turn it up for the ring or tune it down for trails. They are a perfect example of the advantages of working with Rockies while they are young. Find a young horse on my sale page before I decide to keep them all!


Big Bale Buddy

Save hay and money! Affordable and safe round bale feeders. See the Information page for details.




I usually have 15-20 horses on my farm at all times and this product allows me to feel comfortable about each one of them getting what they need without complications. I have cut my feed and hay costs considerably. Check out the Information page to find your nearest dealer, or learn how to order from us if you are in northern Illinois.



All of our Rockies are implanted with AVID Equine Chips and registered with HORSEtrac for permanent identification. When we sell a foal the identification is trasferred to the new owner. For more information about HorseTrac and how it works, please visit the Information page.

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